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Please select one of the retailers below to register your domain name now.


Please select one of the retailers below to claim your domain name now.


.US is more than a web address. It's the perfect way to connect your cause with your country and to set yourself apart from the crowd. The .US community is Made in America and open to everyone. It's easy to remember because it embodies and reflects the same ideals as you.

A .US web address is more than a way to stand out. It's a way to make a statement: There's .US. and then there's everybody else!

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Inspire change with a domain that's as patriotic as your platform. Reserve your .US web address today.

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Why .US is the New Place for Grassroots Movements Online

Grassroots movements & political action groups are organizing like never before. Learn how to connect people to your cause with a strong digital presence.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Registering a Domain Name

Make sure your community can find you online and avoid these top domain name mistakes that could cost your website traffic (and potential supporters).

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RUCK.US - Uncomplicated Political Website Builder

Check out the website builder from for a simple, high-powered site, including online integration for fundraising, supporter base management and more.