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Heather Swan, Strategic Alliances Manager and Chief Happiness Officer for Zoom Video Communications, talks about their humble beginning as a company, the growth they've seen so far, why they chose a .US domain and the raison d'être behind their culture of happiness.

We chose the .US domain because it encompassed a collaboration environment. Collaboration is designed to bring people together and that's what we felt .US embodied.

- Heather Swan, Strategic Alliances Manager is known as a web conferencing company, but they actually have 6 elements that go into their platform:

  • Meetings - Online meetings, training & technical support
  • Video Webinar - Marketing events & town hall meetings
  • Zoom Rooms - Collaboration-enabled conference rooms
  • Business IM - Cross-platform messaging & file sharing
  • H.323/SIP Connector - Brings H.323/SIP video systems to the cloud
  • Developer Platform - Empowers apps with video, voice & screen sharing

The company started out very small, from a very tiny office that opened into a refrigerator, to today with over 1,000 employees, 7 offices, locations nationally and globally and more expansion planned as well.

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