Policy on the use of privacy or proxy services in the usTLD

  1. Registrant Data Requirement

It is fundamental that the Registration Data provided by a Registered Name Holder belongs to that Registered Name Holder, for two main reasons:

a) maintaining a complete and accurate WHOIS database for .US registrants; and

b) enforcing the usTLD Nexus Requirements.

Registered Name Holders must provide complete and accurate Registration Data in compliance with usTLD Specifications and Policies.

  1. Prohibition on Anonymous or Proxy Domain Registrations

Neither Registrar nor any of its resellers, affiliates, partners and/or contractors shall be permitted to offer anonymous or proxy domain name registration services which prevent the Registry from having and/or displaying the true and accurate data elements contained in Section 3.3 of the usTLD Registrar Accreditation and Registry-Registrar Agreement, for any Registered Name. Registrars and resellers are not permitted the use of their own contact details or proxy services owned by the Registrar or reseller as Registration Data.