Which Url Extension Should I Choose?

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Author: By: Mikhaila Clements

If you are in the market for a domain name, you are likely facing a variety of options. Are you going to choose that expensive .com extension (if it’s even available) or are you going to choose one of the lesser known, more affordable extensions such as .info, .us or .de?

Although .com is the most common URL extension, there are many reasons to choose a URL extension other than .com.

First of all, it allows you to purchase a highly competitive keyword-friendly domain. There are only so many words in the English language, and let’s face it, the .com domain you want is often not available. This is when it is useful to look at other URL extension options including .us and .co. For instance, if you are a US based travel company, you may want the domain “travel.com” but, of course, this is already taken. Further URL extension research might show you that “travel.us” is available and might even be a better fit for your company, since you deal in travel within the USA.

Second, it allows you to purchase a domain which would have cost a fortune if it were a .com extension. Unless you had $5.4 million in the bank, there is no way you would have been able to afford Slots.com. But for a much more reasonable price, you can be the owner of Slots.us! SnapNames’ premium .us domain name auction begins July 1st and ends July 8th at 3:15pm ET and features keyword friendly domains including Candy.us, CreditReports.us, Detox.us, Fights.us, Intervention.us, Login.us, LuxuryHotels.us, Mommy.us, Pawn.us, Psychics.us, Slots.us, and Therapists.us!

Third, you can take advantage of country code domain extensions and their favorability in the search engines. Google’s algorithm looks favorably upon sites with country code extensions that have hosting servers in that country. With a .us domain, your business just might be finding its way to the top of the search engines!

Finally, a .us domain has the advantage of being interpreted two ways. You can use a .us domain as .US, meaning USA, or .us, meaning me and you: us. This can allow you to market your website toward people in the USA or offer a personal touch to your site. Wouldn’t it be great to have your company email hosted at name@contact.us?

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