Using Your Small Business Website Amid Times of Crisis

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The coronavirus has disrupted our economy, particularly our small business economy—yet many entrepreneurs are showing signs of grit and resilience, many even rising above the unsettling times to continue serving their community.


As entrepreneurs continue to deal with abrupt and mandated closures—especially in epicenters like New York, New Jersey and California—businesses are using websites to keep customers updated on what they as business owners are doing and offering amid the shuttering storm, how they’re dealing with the situation, and more.


While taping a sign on your storefront is a good idea, launching or updating your website to provide more details is a great way to keep your neighborhood in the loop.


Many small shops launch simple, straightforward websites for various purposes. But now more than ever, managing a digital presence for your business, has become more critical than ever. As the coronavirus continues to upend our lives for the unforeseen future, think about using your website for the following purposes:


  1. Keep people informed about new operating hours, limited menus, new online ordering forms, (contact-free) delivery services and best contact information.

  3. Keep employees updated about leadership decisions and support services.

  5. Reassure the public that the business continues to follow all hygienic standards with proper equipment and that all workers are outfitted with gloves and masks.

  7. Support citywide social distancing mandates by reminding customers to stay home and only go out when necessary. Your patrons and customers view you as a trusted resource, and your reminders about stopping the spread of the pandemic can go along way.

  9. Give your business a voice in the community. Most importantly, owners of businesses big and small are using their sites as a communication hub to reach their audience and maintain a connection with their community amid unsettling times, and even use it as a platform to provide some words of comfort via small business blogging.


Some business owners have even used the power of the web to band together and advocate for their industry. An organization at the center of fighting for small businesses, the International Restaurant Coalition, formed just a week before President Trump signed the $2.2 trillion stimulus package.


Celebrity chefs Tom Colicchio and David Chang are just some of the vocal voices of the IRC, but it also welcomes any local chef or restaurateur, or anyone who wishes to support the industry. The move has empowered more than 500 chefs and restaurateurs across the country to drive forward a national campaign to #SaveRestaurants.


Now with millions of followers across social media and the web, this movement highlights the power of establishing an online presence, clear online branding and a good domain name—all simple and affordable steps that can go a long way