Use Zipcode.US to Find and Support Local Small Businesses Near You

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.US believes in the power of local small business to Kickstart America. That’s why we’ve recently launched a new website dedicated to helping residents discover small businesses, right where they live.

According to, there are approximately 43,000 zipcodes in the United States. But in today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes miss the things that are directly in front of or around  us. will help you learn more about your community or destination — from area statistics and schools to historical and government information. Just enter a  zipcode, and in one click you’ll see how you can become more connected with your community or current location. With, you can quickly explore your neighborhood groups, local art and entertainment and other social activities. Plus, be among the first to find and try the latest shops and restaurants that are opening near you.


By supporting the businesses in your neighborhood, you’re joining a community of like-minded people and being part of a growing movement. You are sending a strong message that you believe in this country and the power of local business to keep it moving.

Why Because you live here. Search your zipcode today!