.US Takes Appreciation to the Streets - Modified Repost

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The Mission:

To thank two small business owners for having a .US website.

How Did Dotus Do It:

Surprised them with a CashMob that included: 2 film crews 6 hidden cameras, 20 customers, $500 dollars to spend, 4 a cappella singers, and 2 unsuspecting small business owners.

Who Were the Small Businesses: First, meet Jeanne. She’s the owner of Park Florist in Takoma Park, Maryland. Park Florist began as her uncle and aunt’s vision seven years ago. Jeanne, like many other small business owners recognized that in order to continue the business and grow, she would need to take the next step and get online. She chose to become www.parkflorist.us. Jeanne says her clients comment on her website frequently. When asked about .US, her response was, “Every business, especially small businesses, should be on .US. They know how important you are.”


Now meet Tom, a small business owner of Bike Works in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Tom is the epitome of the true small business owner. Look at his business card. He’s the owner and the self proclaimed janitor. He wears every hat because every hat is critical. His vision and commitment, like so many other small business owners today, enabled him to have the freedom he wanted. We spoke to Tom and his message was clear, owning his own small business represents “freedom”.

Why Did Dotus Do This:

Jeanne and Tom set the example for our community. What it is today and what we know it will become.  THANK YOU Park Florist and Bike Works for choosing a .US web address.

We couldn’t have said it better than Tom. “It Works. .US works.”