.US Site of the Week: Family-Owned and Operated Book Shop

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This week, we're happy to celebrate San Ramon, Ca.'s Bay Books, a family-owned and operated local bookshop.

Founded in 1998, the company sells a wide variety of books - from new, used and rare. Dedicated to the community, Bay Books is a strong supporter of local schools, libraries and churches as well as American troops serving overseas.

The company has significantly expanded operations and sales through a .US website, while preserving its first-rate customer service from Day One. Bay Books boasts in providing a rare selection of American "Indie" books sold directly from the publisher. In addition to paperback books, the website also offers Google ebooks to its online customers.

However, Bay Books is more than just a bookstore - it's a community. The company hosts weekly community events including book signings and book clubs. Bay Books provides a common ground for book-lovers everywhere to connect and share American life.

Visit http://www.baybooks.us to learn more.


*Photo Source: BayBooks.us