.US Shines the Spotlight on

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This week, .US is shining the spotlight on a cloud-based software solution, is a quick brainstorming tool that helps businesses record and analyze their ideas. Founded in 2006, the website has hosted more than two million "mind maps," with nearly one million users. provides an easy-to-use platform for business owners to put their ideas into a visual picture that others can quickly understand. With, users can:

  • create bubbles
  • delete bubbles
  • change bubble colors
  • change text size
  • edit and format text
  • assign bubble relationships
  • move bubbles
  • collapse bubbles
  • and more!

Through inspiring new ideas and facilitating creativity, is helping to kickstart America one bubble at a time.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of to kickstart your business ideas, visit: is also available as an application for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and others.