US Libraries Are Still Valuable in a Digital Age

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“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”
- Ray Bradburg, American author

Despite the digital burst of online information, local libraries remain an important resource for all citizens across America. The Internet is no substitute; rather, it's a tool that is most valuable when used in addition to traditional research.

From businesses and nonprofits to government agencies and communities, libraries are the foundation of US-rooted stories and knowledge of the past and present. Libraries have and will stand the test of time. Generations upon generations turn to US libraries to gain the understanding needed to succeed and reach their American dreams.

Now, with, citizens can access all US libraries around the country in seconds from their fingertips. America’s address provides a directory for all local libraries nationwide, where visitors can easily search by name of library, location or type of library to find the right resources for their specific needs.

.US invites you to take advantage of as a powerful supplement to your daily online informational searches. Together, they will ensure an inexhaustible and credible pool of information!