.US Dream Big Contest Winners - Their Journeys From Offline to Online

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Today we released the full stories of our Small Business Dream Big Contest winners: American-owned and operated Fast Fine Classics, a Florida-based automotive restoration shop, and Apples2Apples, a restaurant consultancy.

In an effort to kickstart America, .US encouraged small business owners to join the movement by sharing their stories, business goals and online ambitions. Selected from a pool of applicants, the winners’ journeys began early May of this year with their passionate video submissions.

Within days of learning that they were selected as the Dream Big winners, Fast Fine Classics Steven Litherland and Greg Taylor and Apples2Apples owner Marvin White flew from their home towns to Washington, D.C. for an all-expense paid trip to attend the National Small Business Week conference. They also received one-on-one professional consulting from industry experts and worked with a top advertising agency over the course of just a few weeks to produce a complete brand story, web design, content-filled website and local advertising campaign customized for their specific businesses.

We invite you to watch the journeys of Fast Fine Classics and Apples2Apples unfold in the videos below.

Fast Fine Classics


.US is proud of both their stories and will continue to follow the success of Apples2Apples and Fast Fine Classics. We’re confident that their new websites and increased online presence will help them succeed in today’s completive marketplace, while also inspiring other small businesses to join the movement to Kickstart America.

For more information, visit kickstartamerica.us or read the full press release.