Top 7 Strategies for DotUS Domains

Categories: .US, Google

Author:  Mikhaila Clements

There are plenty of URL extensions to choose from:.com,.net,.info,.org, etc. But what makes the.us domain unique? What are the reasons to choose a.us extension? Here are the Top 7 Strategies for.us Domains:

1) .com is already taken. Everyone knows that.com is the most common, competitive, and often costly URL extension. If the.com domain you want is already taken, or is out of your price range, a.us domain is a great fallback.

2) Search engines often favor domains with country codes.us,.uk and.de (Germany) are all common country codes which are getting great exposure in the search engines. Google’s algorithm tends to rank sites with country code extensions higher than other sites.

3) It can get you more geo-targeted exposure. Since.us is a country code, having a.us domain can make your website more visible to your target audience in the USA. This is especially true if your server is hosted in the United States, your business is located in the US and your domain name information is registered to an address in the US.

4) It can have a patriotic or collective connotation..us can refer to The United States of America (USA), or simply me and you, the collective “us”.

5) It’s a great extension for a blog or contact page. What’s better than contact.us? Certainly not contactus.com! Make your blog stand out and add a personal touch by hosting it at a .us domain. That way your readers know they are reading your blog, not just some company’s with a generic “.com” extension.

6) It’s a great second site to have. Want to really penetrate the search engines and get your business to rank at the top? How about having two high ranking sites in Google? You can create two separate websites, one at a.com or other extension and another at a.us extension and get them to rank at #1 and #2 for your keywords. This way you can own more of the top real estate in the search engines.

7) It can enhance your PPC campaign. Pay Per Click ads are enhanced by keyword friendly URLs. But often the highly competitive keyword-friendly.com URLs are long gone. But there is good news; you can get that same keyword-friendly URL with a.us extension. Now you can still target your PPC efforts to those keywords and enjoy the benefits of those keywords being bolded in your URL.

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