Domain Investing Article #1: The Importance of SEO in Domaining

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by Morgan Linton

As a domain investor you have to think a bit like a stock investor. When I register a domain name I try to think if this is something that someone would be searching for online. Well — since simulus checks were all over the news I was certain that people would want to know more and where would they look — online! At the end of January I began work on an SEO-optimized custom website for StimulusCheck(dot)us and launched the site at the beginning of February. When focusing on SEO, the TLD of a domain is no longer important. Google will rank a .com, .info, .net, or .org exactly the same way — what they are looking for is relevant content on your site. This is why I’m not afraid of buying domains that aren’t the standard .com, .net, or .org- I am looking for strong keywords that will rank well with search engines.

To give an example of this think of the two keywords “buy” and “car”. Someone may own the domain buynewcars(dot)com, but with the domain buycar(dot)us you are providing an exact match for the search string “buy car” which gets far more searches than “buy new cars”. This domain would be considered more “relevant” event though it doesn’t end in a .com. Remember — ending in a .com doesn’t make a domain’s information more reliable — strong keywords and a content-driven website are the key to making a revenue-producing domain investment.

So far the site has received over 1,000 visitors so far in February (with more than a week to go!) and generated over $60 in revenue. I paid $10 for the domain name when I bought it so already have made back my initial investment and then received five times that investment in return. Just think if this were popular in the stock market! In the world of traditional investing most people are ecstatic to see an investment grow over 10%, 20%-30% would be incredible. The world of domaining sees returns in the 500-600% range all the time due to the low cost of entry and high potential of domain names. A

whopping 86% of the traffic coming to this domain is through search engines. That is 866 visitors in a 22 day period for free! Not only that but this is highly targeted traffic. Since the website I built has well-written, search engine optimized content, users searching for information through Google or Yahoo can most likely find their answer on my website. Unlike a parking page I don’t necessarily want the user to leave right away — I want them to find their information and then potentially click on a link if they are interested. Users are sick of seeing parking pages and will oftentimes avoid clicking the links and just go back to their search. Having a website with content that users are looking for and good ways to monetize traffic is a great way to generate consistent passive income.

With an average CTR (click through rate) of over 7% it is clear that the website is doing an excellent job of converting traffic to revenue. CTR is the metric most important to domain name investors. Optimizing your CTR could mean doubling or tripling your monthly income. By continuing to improve your websites and provide fresh content for your visitors you can expect to grow CTR and with it your revenue.

I hope this article has shown new Domainers the incredible potential their is in Domaining. There are a lot of incredible domain names available — the question is will you have the vision to help that domain realize its true potential. Make sure the domains you register are relevant and topics that are here to stay or growing in popularity. If you have a domain with strong keywords and a well-written, SEO-optimized website you are on your way to generating a nice passive income stream for your business. Just remember what you learned from the movie, “Field of Dreams” — “If you build it, they will come.”

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