Summary of the TMCH Meeting

August 28 2012

Authored by: Heather Hancock.US Team 1 Minute Read article

  Jeff Neuman, Vice President of Business Affairs at Neustar, Inc., has drafted a full summary pdf of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) meeting, held August 20-21, 2012.

The meeting brought together technical providers of registry and registrar services as well as the ICANN-selected vendors for the TMCH service, Deloitte and IBM.

Highlights include:

  • Meeting attended by front-end or back-end registries representing 90% of the ICANN new gTLD applications
  • ICANN Agreement with Clearinghouse providers will be made public, but needs amending to include SLAs, fees, etc.
  • Front end system for trademark owners to begin entering trademark data is scheduled to begin in October
  • ICANN’s planned implementation models for Sunrise and Trademark claims not supported by the new gTLD Registries because they are too complex and burdensome
  • Neustar and ARI presented alternative implementation models which have significant advantages for both trademark owners and new gTLD Registries
  • Deloitte/IBM open to considering a transactional fee model as opposed to fixed fee per TLD
  • More work needs to be done by all sides; follow up meeting to be scheduled in next few weeks

 Click here to view the full PDF summary document.
Contact with any questions.

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