Spotlight on ACTHA.US - American Competitive Trail Horse Association

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This week, .US shines the spotlight on ACTHA.US- The American Competitive Trail Horse Association. Founded by Karen VanGetson and Carrie Scrima based on their passion of horses, riding and competing. They were both tired of the long trips and wanted a place that they could enjoy their horses. In addition, they wanted to find an environment that provided challenging terrain for training their horses as well as learning how to show off their horse’s talents.

ACTHA offers rides across the US and with the help from sponsors and participants - they are able to fulfill their higher calling.…full equine employment to help ease the suffering of horses in need.

ACTHA helps other avid horse riders hold casual competitions through its “Affiliate Program”. This fundraising opportunity helps ATHCA to continue their cause or rescuing horses and giving them more fulfilling lives!

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