Small Business "IS" the New Big Business

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Recently I was asked why we decided to launch a contest for small businesses called “Dream Big” and while it seemed like a very simple answer, it sparked some further thought and research. We started with small businesses - not only are they the core of our business on .US, our country's cctld, they are also our country's backbone and "heart beat" of America. Their voice needed to be heard - we heard them loud and clear.

As I started my online search with “small is the new big”, the results showed everything from manufacturers like Ford with their “Go Small. Live Large” slogan to articles about how smaller houses are the new big. After modifying my search slightly, the concept of small businesses being the new big in today’s economy became more prevalent and it started to resonate even more than before.

There are no limits for small businesses today. The internet continues to evolve and opens up more opportunity for these businesses to be successful by leveraging this vast domain of endless possibilities. It all starts with an online presence. For small businesses to capitalize on the value of the Internet, they must have a website that portrays their brand, tells their story, enables their consumers to find them and showcases the value of their product and/or services. Getting started is the first step and this is the reason we launched the “Dream Big Contest”. It is a way for us to give back to the small businesses, who are the fuel of our economy and deserve to be recognized for what they do for us today and will do in the future.

This is a chance for small businesses to share their stories about their business, their online ambitions and “win big”. Two lucky winners will get an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, DC from May 20-24 to attend a small business conference and receive professional consulting from an industry expert. Additionally they'll receive complete web design from a top advertising agency that is optimized for a local online advertising campaign customized for their business. So DREAM BIG small business owners- as the saying goes- “The World Is Your Oyster”.

Take advantage of opportunities like this to take your business to the next level.