Site of the Week – How .US helped ProofreadingServices.Us achieve Success

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This week, we are shining the spotlight and sharing the online success story of ProofreadingServices.Us, a proofreading company headquartered in the Financial District of San Francisco, California. The company was started a year and a half ago by CEO Luke Palder and has become a top-tier online proofreading service.

Touted by proofreading clients as "excellent," "professional" and "a valuable service well worth the sensible price,” Luke attributes much of his company's success to having selected a .US domain. When starting his business, Luke recalls asking himself, “How can I ensure that our clients will know that we are based in the United States and proofread American English?” Not only did he acquire a .US domain name to accomplish this, he also integrated the .US TLD into his company's logo and legal name; his company is ProofreadingServices.US, not just Proofreading Services. Luke notes, "The .US is central to our identity. What we offer is uniquely American and it's important that our clients and potential clients understand that as easily as possible. Our .US domain helps us accomplish that."

“In just a little over a year's time using the domain ProofreadingServices.Us,” said Luke Palder, CEO, “we have risen to being the #1 result on Google and Bing for the phrase 'proofreading services.'"

Read more about ProofreadingServices.Us and contact Luke’s team to get started on your next proofreading job today!