Repost: SBAC.US in the Spotlight for Helping Small Businesses Grow

February 24 2012

Authored by: Stephanie Klaiber.US Team 11 Minute Read


This week we are proud to highlight and showcase the success story of www.SBAC.US. This organization is committed to helping small businesses grow by providing tools, resources and relationships to get these organizations online.

By partnering with specialists and technology providers, the Small Business Assistance Center based in Knoxville, TN, strives to provide a one stop shop for their members and simplifying the process of getting their business established online.

The Small Business Assistance Center focuses on providing their members with information about starting a new business, to negotiating their first commercial lease to tips on hiring employees and filing taxes.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Carrigg, Regional Director at the Small Business Assistance Center, about his organization and their mission.  “Small businesses are looking for that one-stop shop to simplify the process of taking their business online and expand their presence beyond word of mouth to being found locally and potentially globally.  By providing them with discounted services or consulting, the Small Business Assistance Center is able to eliminate the fear and complexity.”

As technology evolves, Small business owners are now realizing that having a storefront is not enough. “Think for a moment, 90% of all consumers today find the goods or services they need online as opposed to as little as 10 years ago when they would have used a printed phone directory," says Jeremy,  "That's the power of technology and the new face of small business.”

If you are a small business owner–you should visit SBAC.US and join the thousands of others.  We are proud to have them as our .US site of the week  and look forward to working with them in 2012 to help our US small businesses grow!

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