Repost: Local, Unique and Personalized - Applying this to your Presence Online

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Getting a domain name established for your business is one of the most important steps in building awareness of your local presence. Consider three things when building an online presence: Local, Unique and Personalized.


Traditional methods, like word of mouth and networking, are still key to the success of any business. In small towns, some of the best marketing happens on Main Street as those in the community stroll. However, a large percentage of our population is searching online and searching locally. Don’t you want to be in the 74% of local searches online?

In a recent study published by Pew Internet on “Where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses,” of the 51% turning to the internet for local businesses, 38% rely on search engines.

Having a .US domain helps with local searches as well. Search engines, such as Google, rank country codes like .US higher when searching within the United States.


It is important to set yourself apart from other businesses both offline and online. According to DomainTools, there are 101,233,462 active .com domains, while there are only 1,768,854 active .US domains. Be unique by choosing a domain that is also unique.


Your business is unique because you have personalized it. You can and should do the same with your online presence. .US allows you to bring the personal aspect of your location to your online address just the same as you do with your physical address.

One thing you can do is merge your online name with your business name. Recently we highlighted ProofreadingServices.US. Not only did they use the dotUS domain, they have incorporated it into their legal name and logo to idenitify their core business and succeed online. “In just a little over a year’s time using the domain ProofreadingServices.Us,” said Luke Palder, CEO. “We have risen to being the #1 result on Google and Bing for the phrase ‘proofreading services.”

Being online with a more localized, unique and personalized domain will help get your business noticed. For US businesses specifically, it is important to not overlook this great opportunity with .US.