Place Your Mark on the Internet - How .US can help

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75% of the new jobs in the US economy are represented by small businesses just like you. Success depends on you, your people, your drive. You have made the investment in your business. You have hired the right people that believe in what you do. You have opened your store and turned around the open for business sign in the window. This is who you are.

Your success depends on you. One key factor in the success of your small business is being visible. Recently, I noticed that there were still many small businesses in the US that have yet to build a “footprint” online. To be more specific, almost half don’t currently have a website and are depending on some traditional tactics like the yellow pages or depending solely on social media.

When researching reasons why businesses don’t succeed, I came across an interesting article that listed 7 reasons and on that list was “No Website”. According to the US Department of Commerce, there were $164 billion dollars generated in e-commerce sales and with 79% of the US population using the internet. Honestly, there is simply no reason for any business to not have an online presence.

There are many different resources out there to help businesses get started with a simple but professional websites - some at no cost. One most recent example of this is the Google Get Online initiative that is spanning across each state in the US. Google is empowering small businesses, like you, with the tools and resources to make their mark on the Internet and succeed. Check out the program in your state by simply typing in [your state] If it doesn’t come up–check back with google periodically to see when it will launch.

When you decide to get started, your first step will be to establish a web address that is representative of your brand. Remember to think about your consumer and how they will find you. As a US owned business, an option that will reap rewards in local searches, and make a statement to your consumers is a web address ending with .US. Most search engines will rank your site higher when US consumers are searching for your services and therefore increasing your chances of being found.

Make your mark on the Internet today and get online!