PilotPen.US Keeps American Small Businesses Writing

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Photo via website.

Thanks to PilotPen.US, American small businesses are able to put more ideas down, from pen to paper — and into action. The third largest writing instrument company in the United States, PilotPen has a long history rooted in innovation and helping businesses succeed.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in the manufacturing of pens, highlighters, markets, mechanical pencils and fountain pens. In 1985, Pilot Pen’s advanced liquid ink technology products were the recognized as the America’s #1 Selling Roller and in 1997, and it’s smooth writing Gel ink pen was placed as America’s #1 Selling Gel Pen.

Small business owners on the run are able to purchase Pilot Pens directly from the PilotPen.US website, and take advantage of special online and email promotions. Additionally, customers can create a unique user account where they can track their purchases and order automated refills on a timely basis.

By using a .US name, Pilot Pen is showing their local pride and support for kickstarting American businesses everywhere. To learn more about Pilot Pen in the U.S., visit