Marketing Your Website For Free

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Businesses have a unique opportunity in today’s digital age — the internet tools and resources make having your business found by your consumers easier than ever. Marketing your website is no longer difficult to do or expensive- in fact, there are many ways you can market your website for free.

One of the most common ways is to leverage online local directories, such as Google Places for Business, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center. These help your consumers find your products and services in your local area. The directories are easy to implement and act as your “business card” online. Hubspot released a great listing on these directories for easy reference.

Another advantage of local directories is the ability for your customers to share their experience with your business. They provide you with a simple way of capturing testimonials and customer feedback. “Word Of Mouth” is still one of the key steps in building a successful business.

In addition to the local directories that act like your “business card” online, there are other online directories that provide links to your website by categorizing businesses for consumers. One of these to explore for your business is This open directory project is overseen by a global community of editors that help to manage the content submissions for listings. This tool is available in languages such as German, Italian, French and more — opening up more opportunity if you are looking to take your business global.

There are many ways to promote your business online and drive traffic to your website. Stephanie what is the most valuable asset? Driving traffic? — Which is the most valuable asset for any business today. Whether you are promoting brand awareness or selling products and services with an online shopping cart or ecommerce application, driving traffic to your site doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

Beyond the directories, social media is yet another effective and opportunistic way to promote your business presence, products, and services. The possibilities are endless and reaching millions of potential consumers is no longer a stretch goal- it is a reality. Take advantage of these powerful tools that will reap you much return. Follow some simple tips that were noted by Jim Bennette, CEO of VisiStat, a web analytics firm at the Online Marketing Summit 2012 in San Diego.

In summary, below are some simple tips to get started.

Bennette also recommends these other social media tips:

  • Don’t risk getting discouraged; devote 30 minutes a day to your social media efforts. Once you start getting traction, boost the 30 minutes to an hour or more. It takes time to gain momentum, so it's important not to start out devoting a lot of time to social media.
  • Social media marketing tactics are similar for B2B or B2C companies however, for B2B, getting the same number of Facebook fans should not be expected.

There is a plethora of information available to businesses just getting started with their ‘online footprint.' 79% of Americans use the internet today and the number continues to increase. Take advantage of the opportunity by making sure your business is found by leveraging free tools.