Is .US Domain Name Worth Register?

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Author: Hintpoint

If you want to register for a desired domain name, and later found out that exact match domain name .com,org,net and info has took off and only with TLD .us left, will you register for that domain name? You may be wonder whether is it worth to register .us domain name and push it to rank in the first page in Google SERP.

Some people on the forum said that one must be from the United States, have their info validated and public in the whois records in order to register for .us domain name. However, there is not really the case. You may notice yourself that there are many domains names with .us that actually own by people from oversea and they are ranking well in Yahoo.

Some even wouldn’t recommend .us domain name and claimed it is just a waste of time for register it. Their point is you are better go for .com rather than .us, since .com will be much easier to promote than .us even if its tweaked. They are optimistic that these kind of TLDs carry more weight plus globally recognition. Furthermore, they claimed that they can’t see many .us domain names ran in the first place of Google.

Nevertheless, it can be incorrect to conclude that you must be a citizen of or “live in” the United States to be the registrant of a .us. It is also a stretch to say that you have to get your whois data validated. I have dealt with many different registrars and what I can said is that I never been questioned by registrars on a .us registration. Unlike some country code TLD’s (.ca I’m looking at you), .us doesn’t seem to police their nexus requirements much.

Besides, I have seen many articles discuss about the supposed value or lack thereof of alternate TLD’s (e.g. ccTLD’s, .info, etc.). All I can said is, yes, .com/net/org are the rule TLDs of all time, however there is something anecdotal to ponder. The other day, I was searching for the best of Eric Clapton CD set. I figured out an official Eric Clapton fan club insert in the packaging and glanced at it. And do you know what TLD of Eric Clapton’s official fan club is using. It is a surprisingly .cc!

That is correct, a TLD that I usually believed of as a ghetto TLD. Now, you might or might not be a fan of Clapton (I truly liked him till the Layla Unplugged and Tears In Heaven tracks saturated the airwaves), but he includes a company empire and selected a fairly brief domain name on a ccTLD.

Therefore I’d personally suggest go for the .us, use regular techniques to Search engine optimization and encourage it, and find out exactly what happens.

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