How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Niche

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This article cites 5 tips when choosing the best niche domain name so that marketers and website owners can brainstorm, narrow down and decide on what the website name for their niche business should be.
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Choosing a domain name can either go smoothly or it can go terribly wrong. Choosing the wrong domain name for a website can hurt a website further down the road by affecting traffic, user satisfaction, trust and loyalty. A website URL (domain name) typically becomes a brand and this brand is what other Internet users come to know and identify with. Pondering over a domain name can cause a few headaches during the decision process for anyone. This act is important for everyone who sets up a website, but it is especially important to people who market a niche online.
The reason that choosing a domain name is important and at times overwhelming for those who are marketing niches online is because the website’s name has to be attractive and it has to relate to the product, service or information being offered. Many domain names are also already taken when it comes to popular niches, such as exercise, yoga and pregnancy, which therefore makes it even harder to choose a domain name. Here are a few tips for choosing the best domain name if you are marketing a niche online:
If the domain includes multiple words, there are two options. The words can either all run together to form the URL or dashes can be placed in between the words. It is never a good idea to use other characters in between words such as underscores or percentage signs since search engines do not know what those characters mean.
When choosing a domain name for a niche, it has to relate to what the website has to offer. For example, if the website sells dog training products, a marketer would not want words relating to cats in the domain name.
It is helpful to have the main keywords of the website in the domain itself when possible. Search engines can match the words in the domain to keywords on the website, which may tell the search engines that the website is relevant to the keywords. Keep the domain name short enough so that the search engines can read the whole thing and so that Internet users will have an easy time remembering it. Internet users can often not remember domains that are over a few words, so keep it short and sweet so that users will return to the site.
Never put anything offensive in the domain name as the website will be available all across the Internet.
The 5 tips above to choosing the best niche domain name can help marketers and website owners when they are first deciding on what their website name should be. There are other guidelines that should be looked into as well, but once a person has a hang for how the search engines view websites and what a user friendly website is, choosing a domain will become easier.
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