Four Tips to Improve Your Mobile Website Experience

June 21 2019

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Did you know 50% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load? Three seconds and your potential customer or follower will click off of your page because it’s taking too long. Not to mention if your site isn’t perfectly optimized for a mobile device. Users expect to have the information they are looking for readily available to them and presented in a way that’s easy to navigate and intuitive to find. Let us help you avoid a mobile faux pas with some foolproof ways to ensure mobile responsiveness and speedy load times to accommodate even the most impatient user.

Gain Some Speed

There are a variety of things that can be done to help your website load quickly. The goal should be to hit the 3-second page load time on mobile devices. One of the easiest and most effective ways to speed up page load times is reducing image file sizes:

  • Photo size - While those high resolution photography images scattered across your sites are great for engagement and look stunning, those large photo files sizes aren’t helping keep you in the three-second window. Try to keep image files sizes to a max of 40KB when possible. You can also look at tools, plug-ins and photo software to compress or edit image sizes. Imagnify is a wonderful plugin that can help you reduce the amount of space your photos use while maintaining the quality of the image. And Affinity Photo offers Photoshop-like tools at a fraction of the price.

The Theme Matters

You took the time to create this immaculate website on your desktop. And, man, it is something to behold. But because the majority of your audience will be visiting your page from their phone or tablet, all your hard work could be lost if it’s not optimized correctly. The website theme you choose must be compatible with mobile devices. The key word to look for is “responsive.” A responsive theme means when a user lands on your page from a cell phone, for example, your website will still house the same content, but the structure will automatically re-format to optimize the display to accommodate a mobile screen. If you designed your homepage to have rows of images with corresponding captions side by side, a responsive design may rearrange those images to be stacked with captions beneath them to make scrolling up and down a breeze. No phone tilt required.

  • Responsive design – Most templated websites will automatically be formatted for responsive design. Just be sure to flag this as a “must” when you are choosing a theme, researching web designers or talking with a web company.

Calls to Action

As visitors peruse your website, you will want to ensure you are directing their attention to the content, product or services that matter most. What action do you ultimately want a user to take on your website? The best way to guide this experience is through strategic use of call to action statements. Create calls to action that are concise, direct and easy to spot. Use action words that will prompt your potential customer to move forward in doing business with you. A few great examples are:

  • Sign up now
  • Get started
  • Learn more
  • Join us

Consider an App

If you are a mobile-first business consider the benefits of creating your own app. It may not be as difficult as you think. When deciding if you should build an app to complement your website ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your competitors have apps?
  • Will your app solve a customer problem?
  • Do you have an ongoing customer loyalty program?
  • What tangible benefits would an app provide that aren’t offered on the website?

Several businesses can benefit from the addition of an app to better engage customers and streamline services. Think of the benefits an app could offer to decide if it’s a good fit for you. There are several platforms that have simplified the process to make it easy for users to develop a dedicated app such as AppPresser, BuildFire and Firebase.

Ultimately, creating a website that is optimized across all devices and offers an ideal mobile experience is not an impossible goal. Simply take a few extra steps to put your website ahead of the game by compressing your photos, choosing a responsive theme, using strategically placed calls to action or even creating your own app. Success is only a few clicks away!

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