Dream Big Winners’ Video Submissions Released

June 07 2012

Authored by: Heather Hancock.US Team 2 Minute Read


dotUS recently released the original video submissions of the “Dream Big” contest winners. In an effort to kickstart America, dotUS encouraged small business owners to join the movement by sharing their stories, business goals and online ambitions.

Winners Fast Fine Classics and Apples2Apples were awarded an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the National Small Business Week conference and receive one-on-one professional consulting from industry experts. They also worked with a top advertising agency to produce a complete web design and local advertising campaign customized for their specific businesses. From marketing expertise and social strategy to technical advice and creative design, these American small business owners completed a rewarding journey to successfully move their businesses from offline to online.

We invite you to meet Steven Litherland and Greg Taylor of Fast Fine Classics and Marvin White of Apples2Apples. Stayed tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at their online journeys and complete business transformations with dotUS ? to be released early July.

Fast Fine Classics:
Based in Talahassee, Florida, Fast Fine Classics is dedicated to building custom dream cars for customers to touch, drive, love and enjoy. With a passion for preserving the automotive culture, owners Steven Litherland and Greg Taylor turned life-long passion to American-owned small business. To take their business to the race track, these car enthusiasts needed an interactive website where their customers could engage with others in the automotive community.

Marvin White, owner of Apples2Apples, brings more than 28 years of experience in the restaurant industry having worked for companies like Sysco and House of Blues. Dedicated to keeping the culinary dreams of independent restaurateurs alive, he consults with client startups and transformations on everything from concept development, staff training and menu development to operations, performance metrics, growth strategies and more.

Marvin dreamed of extending his business beyond consulting, offering online solutions and industry information to his target audience.

For more information on the Dream Big Contest and for tools on how to get your business online, visit our Kickstart America page.

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