‘Dream Big’ Winner Spotlight: Meet Apples2Apples Founder and Owner, Marvin White

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".US has enabled me to take my offline business, put it online, offering it on a grander scale. It has also attracted investors to me - which will help me turn it into a nationwide business."
- Marvin White, founder and owner, Apples2Apples

Today, we’re excited to feature one of our .US ‘Dream Big’ contest winners, Marvin White of Chicago-based restaurant consultancy, Apples2Apples.

Marvin is an exceptional leader with 28 years of industry experience working for companies like Sysco, House of Blues, Lifestyle Ventures and Dave and Buster’s.

A strong passion and reputation in the restaurant community precede him. He has worked with client startups and transformations on everything from concept development, staff training and menu development to operations, performance metrics, marketing growth strategies and even interior design.

Upon leaving the corporate world in 2008 to venture into the independent consulting business. Apples2Apples, formerly Restaurant Dr., Marvin began as a sole-proprietorship concentrating in marketing strategies, operations, menu development, cost control, customer service and labor management for high-volume restaurants. He uses his expertise to educate and prepare operators so that they may have the opportunity to enjoy a profitable business. From selecting locations or equipment to designing menus, selecting vendors and entertainment–Marvin is cultivating relationships through success, which keep Chicago raving about him.

Having already caught the eye of an investor, Marvin’s new .US website is enabling him to extend his business beyond consulting - offering online solutions and industry resources to the mom and pops restaurant community. In the coming months, Apples2Apples will launch an all-in-one services subscription web portal that provides independent control over the core elements of operations and a community of industry news and resources.

View Marvin’s original ‘Dream Big’ contest submission video here, or watch his live journey to online unfold here.