How to Create a Custom .US URL Shortener

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This post originally appeared on Name.com.


The shorter a web address is, the easier it is to remember and share. That’s why a lot of sites that have long URLs are turning to link shorteners. By now, you’ve probably noticed on Twitter that there are tons of short URLs such as bit.ly, ow.ly, and t.co. Sure, you can use one of these services, but what if you want to have your own branded URL? It’s easy to create your own custom URL shortener, and .US is a perfect domain extension to do it with, because it’s only two characters and it’s easy to remember.

Say for example you have a WordPress blog. The URL for a blog post might be http://blog.name.com/2013/marketing-tips/5-reasons-to-use-a-us-as-a-url-shortner/… that’s a really long name and doesn’t look too nice if it’s getting shared. If you set up a custom URL shortener, you could use something like na.me/k251b. That looks way better, right?!

How to Create Your Custom .US URL Shortener

  1. Register a short version of your blog’s URL as a .US. You can do that easily here.
  2. Choose a service that can create custom URLs using your new domain. Some of these services include bit.ly and ow.ly. A quick heads up though–some of these services may require you to pay a small fee to enable custom URL shortening.
  3. That’s it–you’re done it! It’s THAT easy. You can now start using your brand new shortened URL when sending people to your blog or website on social media.