Money Talks: How to Generate Income as an Influencer

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You needn’t be a celebrity to become an online influencer. Even hyperlocal businesses, scrappy nonprofits and solopreneurs have been known to grow impressive followings just based on their niche, voice or knack for engaging content. In this Q&A, we breakdown the basics of getting started in the world of influencing. ...


Social Media Skills: Tips to Help You Attract and Retain Customers

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If your business is struggling with brand loyalty, social media might be the key to building the brand affinity you’re looking for. The following social media tips will assist you in attracting and retaining customers ...


Hashtags and Domain Names: What You Should Include When Promoting on Social Media

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Most small business owners know by now that social media can be a powerful and cost effective marketing tool. However, what most people don’t realize is that using the right domain name and hashtags in your social media posts can be critical for achieving success. ...


Social Media Strategies: Why Your Business Needs to Get Social

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It’s a fact– the social media revolution that’s taken place over the last decade has changed lives and online brands across the globe. Social media is so much more than just keeping in touch with our friends on Facebook. Thanks to various social media sites, we share our lives, keep up with our favorite brands, public figures and celebrities, post and view photos, learn new things, stay informed of the latest world news and watch videos on every subject imaginable–including dancing cats! While we enjoy engaging in all of the above activities for our personal enjoyment, social media is also a majorly important component of any brand’s online presence. ...