Family Websites are More Personal and Accessible Than Facebook

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All of us want to stay in touch with family and friends. And social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, make it easier than ever to share messages and photos. However, at times social sites can make it challenging for family members of all ages and technical skills to come together. Setting up user accounts, navigating ever-changing privacy policies, and dealing with advertisements isn’t something that everyone wants to tackle. ...


3 Reasons Why Couples Should Create Their Own URL

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For most couples, the first website they create together will be their wedding “wedsite.” Over the past 5+ years, wedding sites have gone through a transformation. Once small, one-pagers with a photo of the couple and the most basic wedding information, today they’re often a multimedia interactive experience, filled with slideshows, polls asking guests to vote on the honeymoon destination, tools for pining photos on Pinterest, links to registries, and breaking news like dress updates. Oftentimes, the centerpiece is a step-by-step account, or even a produced video, of the proposal or a “how we met” story. ...


The .US National Road Racing Championships: Kickstarting America, One Runner at a Time

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This article was originally posted on the Neustar Insights blog.\r\n\r\n\r\nby, Jim Rogers, vice president of marketing for Neustar Enterprise Services\r\n\r\nThe USA Track & Field announced earlier this month that .US is the ...