How to Pick the Perfect Domain for Your Wedding Website

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Your wedding website is a great resource for your guests. It helps them stay up to date with the details, accommodations, registries and RSVP for the big day. With all of this information on your site, it’s important that your website’s domain is not only catchy, but easy for your guests to remember and access. ...


How to Choose a Domain Name That Will Stand the Test of Time

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When starting a business, there’s one important factor that often comes as an afterthought; the title of your domain. Nothing is worse than dreaming up the perfect business name only to find that the matching domain name is unavailable. Choosing your business web address is one of the biggest factors in your site’s success. ...


How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Small Business

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Now more than ever, a website is fundamental to your small business’s success. New and current customers are much likelier to open an internet browser than a phone book when they’re looking to find you. Fortunately, getting a website up and running is relatively affordable and easy. However, before launching a website you need to buy a domain name – and that’s where people get stuck. ...


Why Your Word-Of-Mouth Business Needs a Web Address

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Even in today’s digital age, many industries still thrive on word-of-mouth to grow their businesses. Looking for a new accountant? Most people are likely to reach out to business contacts for a referral. Is the tap leaking? A friend or neighbor will volunteer the name of a good plumber. If you’re in an industry in which customers are spreading the word about your business, then maybe a website really isn’t necessary — or is it? ...


A Wedding Domain Your Family and Friends Can Remember

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Congratulations! You just got engaged. Now it’s time to get down to the real work of planning your big day, starting with your wedding website so that you can keep everyone informed about your progress. ...


3 Mistakes to Avoid When Registering a Domain Name

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Over the years, registering the perfect domain name for your business has become more and more difficult – as premium domain names, sought-after keywords and many popular terms and phrases become harder to find. ...


3 Reasons Why Couples Should Create Their Own URL

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For most couples, the first website they create together will be their wedding “wedsite.” Over the past 5+ years, wedding sites have gone through a transformation. Once small, one-pagers with a photo of the couple and the most basic wedding information, today they’re often a multimedia interactive experience, filled with slideshows, polls asking guests to vote on the honeymoon destination, tools for pining photos on Pinterest, links to registries, and breaking news like dress updates. Oftentimes, the centerpiece is a step-by-step account, or even a produced video, of the proposal or a “how we met” story. ...


The Politics of Domain Names

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A domain name is so much more than a web address. Think of it as the foundation of your digital identity. It supports the brand and image you’ve worked so hard to build – and maintain ...


Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did: Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

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So let’s state the obvious: the domain name of my company, which is www.marksgroup.net, is pretty boring. Obviously, I’ve ignored some of the rules.\r\n\r\nClearly, I didn’t pay enough attention to the onli ...


Why Have a .US Domain Name?

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Gene Marks is a small business owner and columnist for The New York Times, Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com.\r\n\r\nWhy does Air France, a French-owned airline, have a “.us” domain extension? Why does CNBC, and ev ...