How to Pick the Perfect Domain for Your Wedding Website

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Your wedding website is a great resource for your guests. It helps them stay up to date with the details, accommodations, registries and RSVP for the big day. With all of this information on your site, it’s important that your website’s domain is not only catchy, but easy for your guests to remember and access. ...


Affordable Gift Ideas (for Employees and Clients) that Won’t Break Santa’s Bank

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As much as the holidays are about promotions, sales and end of year shopping for small business owners, don’t forget to take a moment to thank the people that helped you throughout the year. ...


Why Your Domain Name is the Best Marketing Tool Your Business Has

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You should think of your domain as your company’s digital alias. Much like the importance of creating a captivating name for your business, a domain name is just as imperative. ...


The Wild Adventure: How a .US URL Helps One Hear the Call of the Wild

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The Wild Adventure prides itself in providing an authentic experience through sport and outdoor recreation. ...


5 Email Templates to Advance Your Career and Get Results

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Whether you’re looking to grow your business, learn more about your industry, or expand your professional contacts, networking is incredibly useful. Unfortunately, it can often feel pretty awkward—especially when you’re reaching out to people you’ve never met or have only spoken to briefly. ...


Getting the Word Out: Promotional Materials for Your Business

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If you’re a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to promote your business; after all, marketing your business is a full-time job in itself. And, for many small businesses, it’s not feasible to hi ...


Hashtags and Domain Names: What You Should Include When Promoting on Social Media

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Most small business owners know by now that social media can be a powerful and cost effective marketing tool. However, what most people don’t realize is that using the right domain name and hashtags in your social media posts can be critical for achieving success. ...


Social Media Strategies: Why Your Business Needs to Get Social

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It’s a fact– the social media revolution that’s taken place over the last decade has changed lives and online brands across the globe. Social media is so much more than just keeping in touch with our friends on Facebook. Thanks to various social media sites, we share our lives, keep up with our favorite brands, public figures and celebrities, post and view photos, learn new things, stay informed of the latest world news and watch videos on every subject imaginable–including dancing cats! While we enjoy engaging in all of the above activities for our personal enjoyment, social media is also a majorly important component of any brand’s online presence. ...


How to Master Lead Generation

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Create a goal-oriented structure. Each page’s goal should be very clear and easy to act on. It should state exactly what you want the user to do and provide a concise call to action button (links are less effective). Thoughtfully placed fields where users can sign up for a newsletter or promo offer are good. And pop-ups are also an excellent way to encourage engagement. Best practice is to have it fire on the 2nd or 3rd page view or after 1 solid minute on your site. ...