BoConcept.us Celebrates 60 Years

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.US is proud to celebrate 60 years of Urban Danish Design with BoConcept. With more than 20 U.S. locations, BoConcept is passionate about providing modern design furniture for Americans everywhere.

The company offers modern designs for every part of their customers' lives. From living room to dining room staples to bedroom and office pieces and other accessories, millions rely on BoConcept to polish their home and make it their own.

With a .US address, BoConcept is able to showcase their latest designs directly to their American customers through their extensive online catalog. Visitors can stay updated on the latest product releases by subscribing to BoConcept.us' newsletter as well as connect directly with the company through their social networks Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

Express yourself and stay stylish with BoConcept - visit http://BoConcept.us for find a location near you.