App Yourself with Yapp.US

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"Yapp Inc., the New York start-up behind the Web site, takes advantage of a method Apple has used for years: Combining user-friendly software with beautiful design yields elegant results that look far more difficult to create than they actually are." — The Wall Street Journal

Congratulations to our Site of the Week, Yapp Inc. Yapp makes it possible for American businesses to create their own mobile application, for free! The company has transformed an otherwise cumbersome and technical process of coding and development, to a fun and simple app-making experience for everyone. Features include:

  • Flexible pages
  • Instant publishing
  • Private or public settings
  • Easy editor
  • Beautiful Themes
  • And more

Based in New York City, Yapp was publicly launched November 13, 2012. In it’s less than 2 month lifecycle, it has already received widespread media coverage across large outlets such as Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, ABC News CNN, and The New York Times.

Get started with your own mobile business app today at and follow on Twitter @yapp to keep up with updates and product news.

Thanks to Yapp for choosing .US to show their American pride and represent their company online. It’s American small businesses like Yapp that help Kickstart America in 2013 and years to come.