Affordable Gift Ideas (for Employees and Clients) that Won’t Break Santa’s Bank

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Affordable Gift Ideas


As much as the holidays are about promotions, sales and end of year shopping for small business owners, don’t forget to take a moment to thank the people that helped you throughout the year. Your employees work hard for you, strengthen your company’s esteem in the community and help you become a better business. Happy employees help convey to customers that your business is not just about its bottom line. So this holiday season, show your employees that you appreciate them and their hard work with great gifts that won’t break the bank.



This classic gift works well for all genders. The Gifted Few has several watches at different price points that will allow you to make a statement with your gift. You can pick a style to match any look and appear upscale.



Wine Glasses

Stemware and barware make great, inexpensive gifts for employees and clients alike. Orrefors offers several different options including the Dizzy Diamond Goblet. This eye-catching drinkware will be the talk of many parties in the future.

Wine Glasses


Warrior Code Coffee Mugs

Are you gruff in the morning before you’ve had your coffee? Check

out this assortment of bluntly captioned coffee mugs from a veteran-owned company for the non-morning people in your life!



Custom Company Logoed Gifts from Beau-Coup

Slap that company logo on custom-made candies, cake pops, cookies, treat tins, coasters, bottle openers, you name it. This excellent gift site offers countless great gift items. Check out their vast collection of corporate gifts!



Vintage Styled Performer Clothing

For the music fan in your life that loves to make a statement with the bands they choose to front on their clothes. From classic artists like Jimi Hendrix and Guns ‘n’ Roses to more current artists like Billie Eilish, Thirteenth Floor has a look, sound and style for everyone.



A New Winter Look from agnes b.

The iconic fashion statements from agnes b.’s winter line will “Wow” your lucky gift recipients.



Handcrafted Artisan Gifts

The team at Discovered offers beautifully crafted, handmade products from artisans all around the globe. For those looking to buy one-of-a-kind gifts, the options are limitless.



Handcrafted Winter Accessories

With seasonal wear and accessories, there’s always a new surprise when figuring out what fits and doesn’t after months of hanging in the closet. Like Woah’s handmade winter beanies and scarves are cozy, comfortable and classically designed.



As you can see, you can make this holiday season extra special for your employees with these affordable gifts that show you care, listen and understand those that you work with!