A Movement to Kickstart America - .US and Neustar

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Who is the .US Community?

These are the people you interact with every day.  They are the backbone of America - our nations small businesses . They are the second generation hardware store in Memphis, the florist shop in St. Louis, the cupcake shop in Austin, the accountant in Topeka.  They have a drive to succeed. A vision for the future. Such pride in their work. Undeniable commitment to the local community and our nations economic growth.

The .US Small Business Movement

With .US, we spoke with them, listened to their concerns and got to work.  We believe small businesses CAN make an impact.  They can grow their local reach further, online. These are the hard working men and women who run a business that represents who they are, and what they love.

KickstartAmerica.US - The Movement, The Community

Today we launched our KickStart America Campaign.  The new site,  www.about.us , offers a place for these small businesses to share their stories and engage with a like-minded community.

.US and Neustar believe in America and American Business.  To the small business owners — we believe THEY are the power that fuels us today and THEY will be the force that propels us into the future. .US isn’t just about creating a great address online, it’s about joining a community of like-minded people and being a part of a growing movement. A Growing Movement of Small Business Owners that can and will Kickstart America.

Learn more about the Movement today and Start with .US!