A Great Domain Name For Local Businesses Leads To Profits

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Author: Team AAG

As an elite internet marketing coach, trainer and online business owner, it’s often times hard to fathom what many people are actually thinking when they choose their business’ domain name?

My first recommendation, take some time to get educated; this critical decision will pay larger dividends than you may realize. Although there is no magic bullet, understanding the psychology of the internet makes finding great domain names for local businesses is fun, exciting and extremely profitable if the right URL is selected — this factor is essential.

Several variables should be taken into consideration before settling in on great domain names for local businesses.  First, you should try to include the town or city of your business into the URL.

I don’t say this because I want to sound authoritative, I want to simply illustrate that getting a great domain name for a local business has little to do with guess-work and more to do with the science of search engine optimization. SEO can be confusing, but if you just grasp the basics, your business will get to the top of the 1st page of Google in no time.

It’s a fact that 43% of all searches typed in are on a quest to find a town, zip code or local businesses name. This is called as a geographic modifier and this little variable is driving search engine optimization these days. Each of the major 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is focusing in on enhancing their local search criteria, which is great for those local business owners who understand how to leverage this, but for those that don’t, best of luck to you in being findable online.

If you aspire to find your website scurrying in the search engines, 80% of how to get your website to the top of Google is done for you just by choosing the best and most relevant keyword loaded domain name.

I’m going to challenge you to connect with a search engine optimization or search engine marketing company and ask them the fastest way to get your website to the top of Google? If they don’t tell you to buy a domain name with your local market or an “A list” keyword in the domain name — move on, they most likely don’t understand SEO.

A final recommendation is in which type of website to use: a standard 24 hour digital brochure type of site, or an interactive, web 3.0 enabled blog? Many times, I’d side with a blog, equipped with a WordPress theme.

WordPress is the most optimized blog platform and is getting better by the day. I stress this point because just having a website/blog is not nearly the same as marketing one — Get educated and good luck.

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