Whatever you want to achieve, establishing your presence on the web is a must. With the Internet more crowded than ever, .US offers big advantages. Here are 6 of the most important.

Be Uniquely American

Your business, civic group, or personal story is rooted in America. Show your pride and share it with others. Your .US address will help tell your American story in ways that draw visitors in and keep them coming back.

Be findable

.US gives you greater chances of getting exactly the domain name you want—not some modified version that’s harder for people to find. Make it easy for people to find your brand, organization, or you.

Be searchable

Search engines tend to rank websites with .US more highly for searches in the US. That’s a real plus for any business or organization whose web traffic is mostly American-based.

Promote Your US-Based Business

Studies show that Americans like to buy American, especially from small or local companies. You’ve seen plenty of products bearing the “Made in America” label. Get the web address that says the same thing about your business.

Connect Your Cause and Country

Whether you’re advancing a worthy cause or a civic group, a .US address says you’re making your community and your country stronger. Patriotism comes in all shapes and sizes. Showcase yours.

Make “US” about You

Besides meaning United States, “US” also refers to couples, families, or any other group. So get creative. Imagine a wedding site: Ann-Russ.us. Or a page for your annual family reunion: WhoElseBut.us. The possibilities are endless, plus a lot of fun.