Kristin Johnson

Kristin Johnson is the Head of Global Marketing and Brand for Registry Services, overseeing the go-to market strategy for top-level domains (TLDs) including brand positioning and marketing initiatives for .US. Kristin has over ten years marketing experience and specializes in digital media, helping brands build data-first strategies to realize their goals. In addition to leading global marketing brand efforts, Kristin considers herself a data junkie, focusing on proven tactics to drive results for businesses big and small. Kristin is interested in tech, digital innovation, podcasts, and just about any blockbuster movie from the early 90s.

Latest Posts from Kristin Johnson

Join the 2021 Annual .US Town Hall Webcast

November 01

Registry Services, LLC and the usTLD Stakeholder Council will hold a virtual .US Public Stakeholder Town Hall Meeting next month to discuss the United States’ country code Top-Level Domain. The free annual event will be held on Thursday November 4, 2021 at 12PM ET and is a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in the future of .US.

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The Power of Passive Income: 5 Ideas To Source Extra Earnings

November 02

Passive income is a great way to earn extra cash flow from a job that requires less grunt work. It sounds like a win-win, and something everyone should be doing. But how does one get started? 

Business · +2 More
3 Minute Read
The 5 Pillars of Website Design for Small Business Owners

September 07

When it comes to web design, your style can go in many different directions, from high-tech and edgy to super minimalistic. While your end product should always be in-line with your brand, there are some fundamentals that can guide your blueprint, no matter your industry. Launching or redesigning a website can be overwhelming, but these five pillars can serve as your blueprint.

Small Business · +2 More
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How Jewelry Startup Astrid & Miyu Brings London Style To The States

October 11

Astrid & Miyu may be a UK-based jewelry brand, but its overall aesthetic is quite universal and now the company expanded into the States by using the .US domain as an e-commerce hub.

.US · +7 More
3 Minute Read
How weCultivate.US is Helping Small Businesses Thrive

September 13

The founder and CEO of Cultivate launched a .US website to give businesses selling tangible goods throughout the United States a fighting chance. Cultivate helps consumers shop American-made products directly from small businesses to grow local jobs and economies through impactful shopping.\\r\\n\\r\\n

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3 Minute Read Entrepreneurs Start Professional Network for Veterans

August 09

Katherine Kostreva, national Director of Development and Marketing for PsychArmor Institute, and Ryan Loya, a US Marine Corps Veteran, and fractional CEO for startups at Columbia Technology Ventures, joined forces to create an unemployment support systems for Veterans. Amid Covid-19 and despite social distancing mandates, they sought to build a platform that would encourage connectivity at a time when their community needed it most.

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Drive Traffic To Your Website: A Beginner's Strategy For Gaining New Visitors Online

July 21

Your website is the most important tool you have. Think of it as your digital storefront, your online community and hub for reaching new followers. But in order to build a successful website, your customers will need to be able to easily find it, and they will need to be able to navigate and use it.

SEO · +3 More
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How To Build A Highly Profitable Online Business

May 14

Launching an online business is one thing, but making sure it’s highly profitable for the long-term is quite another. Here are some key steps to keep in mind to make sure your online venture is on the path to profitability and long-term success.

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