Dustin Loup

Dustin Loup is the Chair of the usTLD Stakeholder Council. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Greater Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC), Co-Chair of the Internet Governance Forum-USA (IGF-USA), and Vice President & Treasurer for Diplo.US. He previously served as the Executive Director of ICANNWiki, and continues his presence in the organization as a board member.

Latest Posts from Dustin Loup

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Cultivating Resilience: WRASAP's Vital Support for Farmers and Farmworkers

October 30

Discover how the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP) provides funding, resources, and community support to help farmers and farmworkers cope with stress and improve mental health -

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How to Spark Innovation and Build Tech Communities in Cities Across Rural America

October 12

CORI focuses their work on the creation of inclusive digital ecosystems that support scalable entrepreneurship to support the advancement of economic prosperity in rural America. They approach this work through several programs that address the different aspects of the divide, including broadband infrastructure, digital economic development, investment in rural entrepreneurship, and more.

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IGF USA 2021 Registration is Open

July 09

Join industry experts and speakers on July 14 & 15 for two days of deep dives in the most important issues facing the Internet!

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Juneteenth: A Road to Unity Press Conference

March 04

A Road to Unity campaign and call for Congress to pass legislation that would establish a national day of observance for this day of independence before its celebration on June 19, 2021.

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7 Easy Gift Ideas that Support U.S. Small Businesses

December 07

2020 has been a tough year for us all. During these times, there has been a collective recognition of the importance of supporting the thing we care about, including small businesses and charitable causes.

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Newly Launched Vote.US Website Empowers Americans to Vote with Confidence

October 09

With Election Day fast approaching, the .US Stakeholder Council, the Advisory Board for the .US top-level domain (TLD), is excited to announce the release of a comprehensive voting information and resource hub on The updated platform goes beyond voter registration by delving into the positions of candidates, voting histories, endorsements, campaigning information and more. The site is a nonpartisan, independent and unbiased resource for researching election day information.

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BrewStat.US - A Domain Hack to Benefit Your Home Brewery

September 15

Brew Status makes home brewing projects easier to track and manage with easy to view dashboards for everything from fermentation process to gravity and temperature. Looking to launch a new home brewing project? Start here.

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IGF USA - A Growing National Presence for Digital Initiatives

July 21

The IGF-USA is the best opportunity in the US to participate in open, inclusive and transparent discussions around the issues facing the future of the Internet. Every year the IGF-USA community kicks off its work by surveying the Internet policy community to identify major issues that should be addressed and discussed at its annual conference in July. Following the survey, the community works together in a bottom-up process to develop programming, in the form of panels of experts that address the topics that were identified as priorities.

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Connect, Learn and Stay Secure Online - Resources for the Entire Community

April 22

There are many resources out there that will help ensure that you are able to get and stay connected in a safe, secure and productive way. In this post, we’ve collected a variety of resources that may be helpful for you and/or your community. These resources cover everything from aspects of digital inclusion to tips on how to work productively from home.

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Diplo.US Brings Digital Policy and Diplomacy to U.S. Stakeholders

November 19

Diplo US was founded to increase the capacity of individuals and institutions to navigate the unique and complex intersection of diplomacy and digital policy. Focusing on two main tracks of work: organizing training courses and producing studies.

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