Establishing your presence on the web is an important part of your brand. Finding the right domain is just as important. By aligning yourself with .US, you're telling America that you believe in it. It is an easy way for local groups, organizations, small businesses and individuals to make their presence known on the web.

Your business will benefit too. Customers will find you easier and many of the roadblocks that prevented you from putting up a site before will become easy to navigate.

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Be findable

You can get the accurate domain name you want. You’ll also be associated with a business-oriented address. Your domain is easily remembered and linked to a community focused small business network.


Be searchable

Search engines will help customers to find your site easier. Search engines tend to rank websites with .US higher for searches in the US. The more customers find you, the more they’ll write and post and the more your name will get out there.


Increase sales

Growing your business means adding a new dimension to your brand. Sure word-of-mouth and conventional advertising has served you well so far, but a website can help you amplify this. By utilizing online sales and the power of online testimonials, you’ll take your business to a whole new audience.


Keep it local

The thing that will keep America strong is small business. By getting a .US, you’re sending a message that you believe in this country and the power of local business to keep it moving.


Stay competitive

In today’s world, you’ve got to not only consider your competing neighborhood businesses, but your online competitors too. By establishing a strong web presence, you’re reminding customers to keep you top of mind.


Tell your story

.US is the perfect way to tell the world who you are. We provide resources, tools and advice to make communicating the story of your business simple.