Here are some quick facts about the .US top level domain.

What is a .US TLD?

US is “America’s Address.” It is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States within the global domain name system (DNS).

What makes a .US unique and why do I need it?

US is America’s address on the Internet. All U.S. residents, government entities, public service organizations, and businesses can establish an American identity on the Internet with America’s address. (e.g.,,,

.US names are very popular with consumers for applications like email, digital identity, and personal web sites. Government and public interest organizations use .US addresses to enable citizen-centric e-Gov applications and to serve the needs of the American people. Finally, businesses use .US domain names to promote themselves as American companies to inspire consumer confidence and to encourage consumers to “buy American.”

Who can register a .US domain name?

Any U.S. citizen or resident, as well as any business or organization, including federal, state, and local government with a bona fide presence in the United States can register a .US domain name. See if you qualify for a .US TLD.

What is the price of a .US domain name?

Market-based retail prices for .US domain names are established by .US-Accredited Registrars and their resale channel partners. The pricing structure is an annual subscription fee; multi-year subscriptions are available.

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