3 Dudes Photo Booth


3 Dudes Photo Booth is an authentic family-run business comprised of Brandon, his father, and his uncle. However, if you call or email them, you'll almost always speak with Iris and not a machine or auto-responder. Technology makes the photo booth possible by providing the same instant photoshoot but in a more customized fashion. But this photo booth experience isn't just about the pictures. There's a lot to capturing the moment that goes on behind the scenes.

3 Dudes Photo Booth was started 6 years ago by the Adayan family as an outlet for their son, Brandon, who has high-functioning autism. The business was a way to help him gain job skills that he didn't have. As Brandon says, "The funny thing about the photo booth is at the beginning I just did the props but eventually I would evolve and do more specific stuff like helping pack up, set up, and make sure we're prepared on time."

According to his mother, Iris, the business has transformed him to be much more independent and have a more social life. "The things that stands out the most is that he's so much more confident. Before he was really shy and very introverted and he's more extroverted now. He'll just walk up to people and introduce himself when before that was never the case."

Why they chose a .US domain?

"We chose a .US domain because I felt that.com was for a large corporate company and we're a small family company and I wanted to have the vibe that we're approachable." - Iris Adayan, Co-owner

"We're just a family company. I feel like .US is more like a family-type name." - Brandon Zamora-Adayan, Co-owner