Wedding Website: Kelly and Sean

Kelly and Sean, originally from the Midwest, share the story of how they met, the excitement leading up to Sean popping the big question, and the challenges they've faced planning a wedding thousands of miles away from family.

A proposal story complete with a hike, a tree swing, and a lovable dog will leave you rooting for Kelly and Sean and counting down to celebrate their big day. Over the past 5+ years, wedding sites have gone through a transformation. Once small, one-pagers with a photo of the couple and the most basic wedding information, today they're often a multimedia interactive experience. And while many couples enjoy the simplicity of using a free wedding platform to create their wedding site, few relish the idea of sending out invitations on fancy stationary with long URLs like ""

Personalizing your wedding domain not only makes it easier to print on save-the-dates, but more importantly something that is easy to remember. A unique and personal domain can stay with you long after the wedding sparklers have died down.

Why they chose a .US domain?

"We liked the message it conveys. It seems like it's a really good way of capturing the idea that we're joining together as a team and as a family. We wanted something that talks about us as a couple so what better way than to have a domain name that end in "us." - Kelly, Fiancée