Launched in early 2018, Cesion is run by a group of ambitious high schoolers who specialize in building websites and creating apps, as well as providing IT training and support.

Cesion works on a variety of projects with a diverse set of clients ranging from a dance school website design to software development for a fitness company. With all of the Cesion's employees attending high school full time, every project is completed remotely. Team members work after school and on weekends, uploading their portion of every project to the code sharing platform GetHub.

Future plans for the company are to focus on development for a recently launched app called, Zuriel which won them an award at the Kintone Social Impact Challenge. Launching a company and then a new product has taught Cesion's team a lot about what it takes to succeed in the tech industry.

"The pinnacle of our achievement is winning the Social Impact Challenge and receiving funding. But what I'm most proud of is the team that we've created. For the first nine months, I was running the company by myself, pitching to potential clients, and frequently getting turned down. Once the team came together, everything snowballed. People started spreading the word, and work started flowing in. It has been incredible to see the transformation." - Abhigya Sodani, CEO and Founder

Why they chose a .US domain?

"We think that everything can be done as a team, and everything has to be done as a team to be successful and "us" embodies that." - Edward Frazer, CTO and President

".US provides us credibility." - Abhigya Sodani, CEO and Founder