The Secretariat of the Council, Kimberly Miller of Neustar, welcomed council members and the public to the annual .US Town Hall meeting. The purpose of the Town Hall is to give stakeholders a say in how .US is managed, including its policies, its procedures for community involvement, and how it is projected and marketed. Ms. Miller invited the public to participate in the discussion and ask questions throughout the meeting.

Neustar's Crystal Peterson gave a presentation on "The State of the Domain and .US." Neustar's Chief Privacy Officer and ICANN Board Member, Becky Burr, provided a presentation on the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which will go into effect on May 18 and its effect on .US registrants and registrars. She discussed the work that ICANN is doing in this area and she noted that GDPR will continue to be a major topic of conversation in the domain name world well into 2018. Next, Ms. Miller discussed ".US Policies for Growth" and summarized the work the Council has done this past year in the areas of Privacy services and on the release of 1 and 2 character domain names. She also discussed a policy the Council plans to tackle in 2018: recognizing internationalized domain names in the .US space.

Following the presentations, the audience participated in real time chat questions as well as live telephony questions. There were questions regarding how information about .US TLD is disseminated (on and the status of the implementation of a privacy service plan (a plan has been developed by Neustar with recommendations from the Council and was put out for public comment). Commenters also stated that the recognition of internationalized domain names, particularly Spanish characters, would be a good idea. There were general discussion regarding the marketing of .US. There were also questions about the process for appointment onto the .US Stakeholder Council.


  • There were at least 40 people in attendance in addition to Neustar presenters.