The Secretariat took a roll call, and noted regrets from Scott Harris, Becky Burr, Tom Barrett, and Phil Corwin.

Stephanie Duchesneau provided general business updates. The Quarterly Report was provided to the Department of Commerce for Q1 2015. Additionally, a draft of the usTLD Annual Report was circulated, pending further input from today’s call about next steps for incorporating inputs from the Town Hall.

Shane Tews initiated a discussion of the next steps for and asked Ms. Duchesneau to provide an update on the current status of the namespace and next steps. Ms. Duchesneau noted that in previous discussions the Council had unanimously agreed that the suspension of the namespace should be maintained, but that there were still several steps to making the suspension permanent or “indefinite” including:

  • Conducting a Council vote to make ensure majority Council support for a recommendation to make permanent the suspension; and
  • Carrying out the 30-day public comment period and review/address comments received.

Beth Bacon noted an additional step per the usTLD Stakeholder Council was for Neustar to review the recommendation and provide it to the Department of Commerce. Ms. Bacon additionally suggested, with input from the NTIA’s Counsel, that the recommended suspension term be for the remainder of the existing .US Contract. No concerns were raised. Ms. Duchesneau suggested that, in addition to seeking input about whether the suspension was supported by commenters, that Neustar seek input about the continued effort for how to support digital literacy and educational content in .US, in line with the Council Charter.

Ms. Duchesneau recommended targeting Monday, May 11 to begin the Public Comment Period. Ms. Rose suggested that a slightly longer period be provided given the number of Councilors traveling this week, to facilitate document review and that notice text be drafted to let people who would not otherwise navigate to the Council page know about the comment period. It was agreed that the Council would aim to start its comment period on May 13. Ms. Duchesneau agreed to prepare the Public Comment text as well as the notification language in advance.

Discussion turned to a review of the .US Town Hall. Several Councilors expressed pleasure with the active participation from participants on the Council. Karen Rose noted that a representative from one of ISOC’s North American Chapters had recommended a briefing to the Chapters about .US, suggesting an interest in the public in staying involved in .US policy discussions.

Ms. Duchesneau noted that she had consolidated recommendations received during the Town Hall in the Annual Report but that she did not believe that any of the issues would be ready for a formal recommendation to the Department of Commerce, given that thorough consideration would need to be given to implications of these recommendations. In line with the previous policy surveys the Nexus Requirements and the Privacy/Proxy restriction were the highest priority topics, though a range of other input was provided suggesting a relatively broad knowledge of and interest in .US policies.

Cognizant that it would be cumbersome to take up the full slate of issues at once Alex Deacon asked how issues would be prioritized, and whether there were studies on the Nexus and the Privacy/Proxy restriction that could help prioritize what issues to take up first. Michele Neylon suggested that it might be wiser to take up the Nexus Requirements, given that much of the input was around possible clarifications to the policy, rather than a full-scale overhaul. James Bladel suggested that it might be useful to reach out to the .US channel network to see whether registrars had experience with the interrelationship with .US policies and registration trends. He noted that, in reaching out to registrants, Neustar and the Council should be careful to both account for varying priorities across registrars and to phrase questions so as to also seek out input of other issues that might be affecting registrations, such as commercial incentives to promote .US versus other TLDs. He agreed that a good first step as to look to the channel network about where these priorities lie. Ms. Rose suggested that the Council also consider the recommendations through a public policy lens, and not just with the mind to increase registrations, adding that a policy like the introduction of IDNs might be supported by these goals even if registrations did not expand greatly as a result.

Ms. Tews asked what the planned frequency for the Town Halls would be. Ms. Duchesneau suggested that the Town Hall was intended to be an annual event, but that it could be supplemented with more targeted events such as the ISOC briefing recommended by Ms. Rose to target factions of the .US community; she added that the intention going forward was to encourage public input into the regular meetings of the Town Hall.

Ms. Duchesneau raised a suggestion that was brought up during the town hall that the Council create a public list; she personally endorsed the recommendation as it would facilitate communication with interested stakeholders about calls, comment periods, and other activities, when compared with more dispersed promotional efforts. Michele Neylon supported this suggestion. Ms. Duchesneau called for any objections to the recommendation and agreed to create a public list.

Ms. Tews recommended that, in the vein of previous updates provided by registrar members that an update on the locality space be provided. Several councilors echoed this interest. Ms. Duchesneau indicated that Bryan Britt had previously suggested he would be willing to present on this topic. Ms. Tews asked that Ms. Duchesneau reach out to Mr. Britt to see whether he could present at one of the next two council meetings.

Ms. Tews called for any other business, Ms. Duchesneau reviewed the action items, and the meeting was concluded.

Action Items

  • Stephanie Duchesneau to circulate minutes;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to conduct electronic vote on suspension;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to prepare public comment language regarding suspension;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to prepare a public notice about comment period;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to reach out to Bryan Britt about a presentation on the locality space; and
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to update Annual Report to reflect council discussion, and prepare initial discussion questions for some of the issues raised during the Town Hall.



  • Shane Tews
  • James Bladel
  • Karen Rose
  • Michele Neylon
  • Alex Deacon
  • Doug Robinson

Neustar Participants:

  • Stephanie Duchesneau
  • Cory Lancaster

Department of Commerce Participants

  • Elizabeth Bacon