The March Stakeholder Council meeting concluded with most council members in favor of allowing accredited privacy or proxy services for registrants within .US with Council members representing law enforcement voicing the only objections. Therefore, interested Council member created a subcommittee with the purpose of discussing all issues with regard to privacy and proxy service implementation and ultimately drafting a proposal for consideration by the full Council and ultimately, the Department of Commerce. The initial meeting of the Subcommittee was held on May 25, 2016.

The law enforcement representative from the Department of Justice, Anitha Ibrahim, expressed concerns regarding privacy and proxy abuse. She stated that the Registry must be able to proactively police the space and accurately respond to law enforcement requests for information. The other members of the subcommittee agreed but requested detailed information from Ms. Ibrahim so that the subcommittee could more specifically address the concerns of law enforcement. Ms. Ibrahim agreed to circulate a memo outlining all of the Department of Justice’s concerns by June 13th, later clarified to be the week of the 13th.

The Subcommittee agreed to await law enforcement’s memo and then reconvene after there has been appropriate time to review.

Action Items

  • Anitha Ibrahim to circulate a memo detailing the law enforcement’s concerns in regards to implementing privacy and proxy services in the US TLD.


  • Anitha Ibrahim
  • James Bladel
  • Bryan Britt
  • Shane Tews
  • Scott Blake Harris
  • Chris Hemmerlein
  • Laura Kate Bernstein

Neustar Participants:

  • Raymond Zlystra
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Becky Burr
  • Kimberly Miller
  • Cory Lancaster