The Secretariat took a roll call, and noted regrets from James Bladel, Tom Barrett, and Doug Robinson.

Scott Blake Harris turned to the Stephanie Duchesneau to run through general business items. Ms. Duchesneau stated that the usTLD Stakeholder Council Quarterly Report would be due at the end of April. The council agreed that input on the Quarterly Report could be provided through the Council List. Ms. Duchesneau said that she would circulate a draft report to the Council by end of week to collect input.

Ms. Duchesneau provided a summary of the fifteen responses received to date to the .US Public Survey, noting that most of the responses indicated that the respondents had come across the survey through circulation on the Internet Society Chapter listservs by Karen Rose. The respondents included ISOC members, ccTLD operators, legacy registrants, and others. Roughly 90 percent of registrants had previously registered domain names, and roughly 50 percent had previously registered in .US. In responding to why they had or had not previously registered .US domain names the domestic orientation of the namespace was flagged as both a pro and con. The survey raised a number of substantive recommendations about potential improvements to .US including:

  • Improving processes for multistakeholder input;
  • Demonstrating policy activism in ICANN;
  • Demonstrating thought leadership at local internet-related events;
  • Clarifying the nexus requirement;
  • Engaging in partnerships with large companies or organizations and highlighting these usages of the namespace;
  • Getting involved with associations or organizations with a domestic focus or local chapter presence to emphasize the national character of the namespace;
  • Expanding the role of the public in managing the namespace; and
  • Engaging in identity campaigns, such as around the value of “buying American.”

Suggestions for the town hall included building awareness of active uses of .US, explaining .US policies, providing information about the role of .US in ICANN policy development, and discussing high-interest topics in the Internet governance space such as the IANA Transition.

Ms. Rose suggested that the survey remain open through the end-of-week due to a short delay in circulating it through the Internet Society lists. Ms. Duchesneau supported the suggestion adding that input received through the survey would continue to be considered up through the date of the town hall.

Discussion turned to a run-through of the draft deck for the usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall. Ms. Duchesneau provided a synopsis of each slide and members of the Council discussed improvements to the slides and slides that should be added or removed. Suggestions received included:

  • Updating the language on introductory slides to more clearly differentiate the market for .US from that of .GOV (Bryan Britt);
  • Making introductory language friendlier rather than emphasizing restrictions on the namespace (Shane Tews);
  • Updating the examples of .US users provided to focus on the mission of the namespace rather than upon target markets (Becky Burr);
  • Adding direct references to input received through the public survey to drive Open Floor discussion (Karen Rose);
  • Updating the examples to feature organizations and associations that were currently using .US rather than prospective users (Karen Rose); and
  • Introducing a slide that referenced key policies with a link to policy overview document (Becky Burr).

Mr. Harris volunteered to cover introductory slides for the presentation. Becky Burr suggested that additional assignments be made over email. Ms. Duchesneau said that she would make the necessary updates to the deck and recirculate a version to the Council, as well as prepare possible topic assignments and a script for the Town Hall dialogue. Ms. Duchesneau confirmed that she would be finalizing details for the virtual meeting room.

The Council briefly discussed plans for publicizing the survey. As a baseline Ms. Duchesneau said that she planned to publish an additional Circle ID piece when the participation details were finalized, leverage the social media handles of Neustar and the Department of Commerce; reach out directly to .US registrar partners and delegated managers, and conduct personal outreach. Participants were encouraged to engage in their own outreach to the extent possible.

Mr. Harris asked that Ms. Duchesneau circulate minutes including action items.

Action Items

  • Stephanie Duchesneau to update the Town Hall Presentation on the basis of 3.30.2015 meeting input;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to circulate draft Q1 2015 Stakeholder Council Quarterly Report;
  • Councilors to provide input on Quarterly Report via email;
  • Stephanie Duchesneau and Becky Burr to assign presenters for Town Hall Topics; and
  • Shane Tews and others to brainstorm hashtag for the Town Hall.



  • Bryan Britt
  • Shane Tews
  • Scott Blake Harris
  • James Bladel
  • Phil Corwin
  • Karen Rose
  • Peter Roman

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Stephanie Duchesneau
  • Cory Lancaster

Department of Commerce Participants

  • Elizabeth Bacon