The Secretariat took a roll call, and noted regrets from Karen Rose, Doug Robinson, and James Bladel.

Scott Blake Harris turned to the Stephanie Duchesneau to provide an update on the status of the Draft Work Plan and Operating Procedures. Then Ms. Duchesneau stated that both documents had been approved by the Department of Commerce, and subsequently by the Council in a majority vote, with no Councilor voting against approval of either document. Mr. Harris gave the Secretariat an action item to publish both documents on the Council site as official documents.

Mr. Harris noted that since the last meeting former Councilor Linda Kinney had taken a position with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and as such was ineligible to continue her participation on the Council. Mr. Harris added that the MPAA had recommended that Alex Deacon take up Ms. Kinney’s role on the Council. Mr. Deacon provided information about his background which currently focused on the interaction of technology and policy. Mr. Deacon previously worked at Verisign for nearly 15 years and was involved in the launch of initiatives including Verisign Labs, and Ultraviolet. In his 18 years working in the technology sector, he has been involved in various forums including the W3C and the IETF. The Secretariat asked whether anyone had concerns about Mr. Deacon joining the Council, or about conducting his approval on the phone; with no objections raised, Mr. Deacon was approved to join the Council by acclimation.

Mr. Harris turned to Michele Neylon to provide an update on registrar’s interactions with .US, noting that these updates were an important part of the Council’s work due to the unique perspective and relationship that registrars have with .US. Mr. Neylon noted that, as a foreign registrar, Blacknight’s registration volumes in .US were relatively low and that the registrar profited more greatly from add-on services than from the actual sale of domain names; most of this registration base comprised on non-US entities, qualifying under Nexus Category 3. Mr. Neylon noted that there was a lot of interest on the part of registrants in transacting with the United States and that .US could be a gateway for this. Mr. Neylon suggested that the language of Nexus Category 3 was confusing to some foreign-based registrants, and could be better worded to encourage these entities to use .US. Mr. Neylon also noted that the restrictions on the space had a somewhat chilling effect on registrars’ ability to profit from the namespace. Mr. Harris gave Mr. Neylon a recommendation to suggest some language for Nexus Category 3 that would better fit this need.

Mr. Harris asked whether Tom Barrett would be able to provide an update on the next call, as the final registrar participating in the initiative. Mr. Barrett responded that he would. The Secretariat was asked to provide a reminder to Mr. Barret in advance of the next call.

Ms. Duchesneau provided an update on the Public Survey, and the input from Karen Rose and Mr. Neylon, which was incorporated into the most recent version of the Survey. Mr. Harris asked that all councilors provide any additional input no later than Wednesday, March 4, by close of business, with the goal of finalizing the survey for circulation by the end of the week.

The Council turned to a discussion on the upcoming Public Stakeholder Town Hall. Ms. Duchesneau provided an overview of some of the agenda recommendations to date. The group tentatively decided upon three principal agenda topics: addressing light adoption of the country-code and what could be done from a marketing perspective to drive usage; promoting positive experiences for kids and/or younger users; and participation in the Council as a local avenue for participation in the multi-stakeholder model and Internet governance and policymaking. Roughly thirty minutes will be allocated to questions. Shane Tews emphasized that in the Town Hall the Council should look to learn how adoption could be given from a marketing perspective, as well as to discuss the restrictions on the namespace and how they interact with its usage.

Mr. Harris asked whether there were suggestions for possible speakers on during the Town Hall, recommending Secretary Lawrence Strickling as a potential speaker. Beth Bacon said that she would be happy to work with Secretary Strickling to try to arrange his participation in the Town Call. Mr. Neylon asked whether Secretary Strickling would have a pull beyond the preexisting Internet governance community and suggested that the group look to find a speaker with cache that would drive attendance on that basis alone.

Mr. Neylon asked how this would be promoted, and Ms. Duchesneau provided an overview of some possible avenues including industry press, social media (using personal, Neustar, and Department of Commerce presences), and listservs and individual memberships using the public blog template previously circulated. Mr. Neylon added the suggestion that the channel network also be engaged and requested that the blog template be recirculated.

The Council also discussed some logistics for the meeting. The current plan is to use Adobe Connect to run the meeting, as well as future Council meetings. The Secretariat will work to prepare an initial splash page in the next week to provide the basic information, and allow people to register for the Town Hall. Questions from the public could be provided in advance of the meeting or during the meeting, through an Adobe Connect “pod” or by Twitter. Ms. Tews volunteered to help manage twitter input, and recommended that the group quickly identify a hashtag that could be used in promotional efforts to track engagement.

Mr. Harris asked that the Secretariat prepare minutes and action items form the call, and the meeting was wrapped up.

Action Items

  • Councilors to respond provide input on Public Survey by March 4
  • Councilors to respond to Policy Survey by March 4
  • Michele Neylon to suggest changes to simplify nexus language for foreign entities
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to recirculate public blog post
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to provide background information to Alex Deacon
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to provide a reminder to Tom regarding update
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to prepare splash page contents for usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to pull top .US trafficked sites



  • Tom Barrett, Encirca
  • Elisa Cooper, MarkMonitor
  • Phil Corwin, Virtulaw LLC
  • Shane Tews, American Enterprise Institute
  • Scott Blake Harris, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP
  • Chris Mead, ACCE
  • Alex Deacon, MPAA
  • Michele Neylon, Blacknight Registrar Solutions

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Stephanie Duchesneau
  • Cory Lancaster

Department of Commerce Participants

  • Elizabeth Bacon